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Rave Themed Party Ideas 2022

All that glitters is not gold, sure, but it is hell of a fun nonetheless. Many of you must have heard about the rave-themed party, and some of you might have even attended it. If you are not familiar with what a rave themed party is and how it must be organized in the best possible manner, we are here to alleviate your concerns. We will be providing you with some of the most fantastic rave themed party ideas about managing well a party of this nature. If you are just exploring party ideas, then checkout these Graffiti theme and Fire and Ice party ideas too.

So, here we go!

What is a Rave Themed Party?

Rave themed parties are large dance parties dominated by the DJs who go to great lengths to ensure that there is the ministry of sound, maximize their experience, and play upbeat music full of bass and treble that make people go crazy. We find it one of the most exciting parties one can ever witness. The music, the energy, the passion—everything is so damn perfect.

It is a kind of party that would make you forget all your worries and troubles and put you in a pretty relaxed state of mind. Even though the feeling may be transient and may not last for many hours, it would still help you pull yourself out of whatever is weighing you down.

Read on to grasp some of the most progressive rave themed party ideas.

Rave themed party ideas

Rave Party Supplies

Well it is time to loose your purse strings because you have to get some supplies at least to make your party great. Though all of the party preparations are on DIY basis but still you would need some things form the market. For your convenience, here is a list of party supplies that will come handy for sure.

Rave Themed Party Invitation Ideas

The way you invite your guests’ matters a lot. It makes them feel warmly welcomed and reveals to them how the party is going to unfold. Although many people purchase invitation cards or get them customized according to their liking, we recommend you choose handmade cards for sending invitations to your guests. It would create a ” We-feeling” and a sense of belongingness as you took up to the effort of crafting invitation cards yourself.

Go for a pop-up invitation card if you can. It is far more exciting and unanticipated. You can design a custom party card by using colored chart paper. Again, for chart papers, we recommend you use party colors. Assorted green, pink, blue, and red shades would make perfect choices for the invitation cards. Along with that, you can also use glitters and sparkling markers to put down the names of the invitees on the invitation cards. That would give them an indication of what will undoubtedly be a fantastic event.

On arrival, provide all your guests with glow-in-the-dark bracelets, necklaces, and sticks in various colors. They would be glad to have them in their hands. When they see the whole venue lighted up, all the guests will be dazed. This rave party ambiance would also set the dance floor on fire! Let the music bump loud and let the guests dance on the beats of a place with the ministry of sound.

Rave Themed Party Decoration Ideas

A rave themed party is all about lights and dance. So you will have to make prudent choices to make the best possible arrangements for your big day. It is better to make the best arrangements well in time instead of regretting them later. To assess the whole feel and ambiance, you will have to make the light and music arrangements days ahead of the party. Try to get the assistance of an expert to get the lighting installed. For glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, you will have to spend a decent amount of money to make them available to all of your guests.

Rave themed party decoration ideas

Rave Themed Party Ideas (Lights)

Lights are one of the integral and most essential features and characteristics of this kind of party. Lights and music make up for a perfect combination. You should keep in mind the concept of glowing in the dark and organize everything as per the theme. A well-planned and well-organized party are way better than the one decided at the spur of the moment. So go Lights can be installed in any way you like. However, the lights must be kept dim to create a dark ambiance.

Moreover checkout these lights on Amazon to embellish the event space. You can take a large piece of fabric and splash it with bright colors. You can then hang these colored clothes on your windows and walls to give your venue a terrific look. They would look too fantastic to imagine. Moreover, you can also spread these colored clothes on the dinner tables. This would make the whole place look much more vibrant and happening. Colors are essential in lifting the mood and becoming more enthusiastic.

Rave Themed Party Ideas (Backdrop/Photography)

For backdrops, we would suggest that you take massive clothing in the background and splash it with funk colors that would make everyone feel rejuvenated! Let it sink in so that everyone will anticipate an outstanding backdrop to have exceptional photo moments. So you don’t only have to meet their expectations but exceed them. For that purpose, you will have to make all-out efforts and leave your guests satisfied with the result. They must go with a feeling that would remain etched in their minds for the rest of their lives and would also constitute the component of their trance. Here are some backdrop samples.

Photographs are something that takes us back into the past and helps us relive those moments that we have cherished and treasured. They may sometimes elicit bitter-sweet feelings of nostalgia by compelling you to peep into the past and try to imagine being there. You would love that for a sense. Please take my word for it! Therefore, considering all these factors, it is highly advisable and recommendable that you contemplate a splendid backdrop that does amaze your guests and leave them awe-stricken!

If you are on a budget and are not considering a professional photographer, then no worries. Checkout these photography ideas with mobile camera.

Rave Party Dress Ideas

Go all shiny my friend if you want to. Deciding about the right kind of rave outfit can sometimes put you in a bit of trouble. When rave themed parties became popular in the 80s in the UK, many people used to show up in baggy clothing that was considered the most appropriate kind of outfit for this kind of event. This party wears pants, shirts, and T-shirts printed with cartoon characters.

Raved themed outfits

Furthermore, wear attire ideally with the theme and adds flavor to the party. For a rave theme party, we would recommend guys to wear casual. That can be a Tom Hardy T-shirt with glittering text in the center or of any of your favorite brands. You can also wear a top-notch quality leather jacket to complement your dressing. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself for such events with accessories like chains, dog tags, wrist bands, shades, jewelry and festival glitters, and similar other items. Checkout if you like any of these rave party outfits.

Whatever you wear, make sure that it’s casual and you don’t cover yourself too much as it will restrict your movement and agility, and you won’t be able to make some of the best moves that would be highly anticipated from you. So we would advise you not to cover yourself excessively and decide on wearing a T-shirt that can be plain or have a cartoon character printed on it along with an athletic short. That would be the best choice for the evening!

Now, go crazy with your glow in the dark accessories like rings, face paint or gloves. Moreover, if you are a fan of costume parties then checkout these pimps and hoes party and gangsters and flappers party ideas.

Rave Themed Party Ideas (Music)

Let us reveal something exciting and enormously inspiring. The famous English rock band Coldplay is widely recognized and admired for incorporating rave style in their events. You have a superb taste if you are familiar with the band’s music. If you ever got a chance to see them perform in Paris in 2013, you would understand what I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about their terrific performance in that Graffiti themed concert. It was a big event that was organized to perfection. You got it right!

Coldplay music specifically meant for these kinds of parties would be an excellent fit for your event. Just listen to your songs and see them for yourself; you will be thanking me later. Go for songs like Charlie Brown. Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall and Hymn for the Weekend. You will find these spectacular videos immersed in the colors of rave. That would be no less than a treat to witness!

Rave Themed Party Ideas (Edibles)

Arrange fresh, mouth-watering food items for edibles that everyone will rejoice in at the party. Go for a variety of cuisines as you will be catering to the needs of a wide variety of guests having different food tastes. So it would be highly advisable to arrange at least five delectable food items for your event. This number can exceed, but it shouldn’t be less than that. Let there be Pizzas, hamburgers, bacon sandwiches, chicken nuggets, club sandwiches, and some other items that you can manage to arrange for the much-anticipated event.

Awesome Cake Ideas for a Rave Themed Birthday Party

If you are throwing a rave themed birthday party, be sure to include a cake that matches well with the theme. The cake is an essential element of any birthday party. It’s going to be the center of everyone’s attention. Make it memorable by rising above the expectations!

One splendid thing you can do with your cake is to put a short message thanking everybody who came over to multiply your joy and happiness. For the said purpose, you can use chocolate syrup. You can use a handmade cone to spread it over the cake. Make sure you use bright colors that are visible even in the dark.

Wrap Up

I hope this makes the cut for best rave themed party ideas. Make sure that everything is set at least a day before the event. Test the sound system before playing it. The speakers must be properly functional and in the best of conditions, if not new. Food orders should be placed well in time to avoid any inconvenience.

Again, we recommend making extra food, drinks, and accommodation to stay mentally relaxed and not preoccupied. Once you have completed the entire requisite arrangements, sit back and relax and be delighted! Give yourself a pat for making such a grand event possible! It all goes to your credit without a doubt. Looking for more ideas, check out some risky business party ideas.

Let us know if you have ever been to a party with some crazy rave themed party ideas.

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