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Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas 2022

Are you someone who likes the 1920s era? Are you fond of watching murder and mystery movies full of suspense and thrill? If that’s the case, we have got you covered with numerous gangsters and flappers party ideas that would make your event to be long remembered!

Throwback to 1920s

This party is also called 1920s theme party or even great Gatsby party. The epoch of the 1920s was predominantly characterized by the era of illegal drinking, corporate crime, and extravaganza! Money, power, fame, women, and drugs have always remained popular with a specific class of people, who are exceptionally inspired by gangster and mafia movies, and who have watched several films and documentaries on the genre like crime, specifically corporate crime, murder, and mystery.

Such activities are immensely popular with the elite class or the power elite. Rarely will you find mediocre people involved in corporate crimes and mafia gangs. Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas are for such people to have a taste of what life is like if you are some mafia kingpin. If you are just exploring party ideas then checkout playboy party ideas and high school stereotypes party ideas.

Gangster and Flapper Themed Party

Talking about the party, you can make it as elaborate and as realistic as possible. This can be done by vividly imagining everything, enabling you to put one hell of a show! Brainstorm and think of all those ideas you have held in your mind for your big event. Pen them down for your convenience. It would be advisable to plan everything well in time.

Read on to know about some of the best party ideas!

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas

Gangsters And Flappers Party Invitation Ideas

Let us start with the invitation. It’s going to be the first thing that will be noticed. Give your invitees an idea about how things will unfold at your big event. Make them anticipate and expect, and when it comes to the party day, meet if not exceed their expectations. They have been looking forward to this event. Make it unforgettable—something that remains etched in their minds for a long time.

The success of your party will largely depend on the kind of response you will get from the attendees. Please make sure you do everything in your power and control to make it something that will be remembered for a long time. Checkout these invitation ideas for this theme.

For cards, you can purchase cardboard, neither too big nor too small. They must fall within the limits of the soft area ideal for cards. You can then wrap the front side of these cardboards with black and white ribbons in the form of horizontal or vertical stripes. To make your card captivating and fascinating, to grab the recipients’ attention, add pictures of gangsters dressed exactly in the way you would like them to dress up. To compel people into following the unique party dress code, you can write “long coats and fedoras are a must”!

Gangsters and Flappers Party Supplies

Well you must be running all around making everything perfect. To help you out with preparations, here is a list of gangsters and flappers party supplies. Just make sure you get what ads to the decorations and goes with the theme.

Gangsters And Flappers Party Dress/Costume Ideas

You should dress up like one remarkable man. Wear your exquisite long coat and impeccably tailored dress pants. Wear a tie if you like, and go with a pair of elegantly designed hand-made shoes. They will provide you with all the comfort you need, the elegance you desire, and the perfection you seek. Most importantly, it will go with the chosen theme and give it a touch of sheer class!

Not a fan of wearing costumes; then you will love this anything but clothes party ideas.

Exquisite Shoes are a must.

Also, you can wear an immaculate branded suit along with a stylish tie. We recommend that you choose the best from your wardrobe for shoes. They must have both the characteristics found in a shoe meant mainly for the members of the mafia or someone illicitly involved in committing activities that would be included in the sphere of corporate crime.

These mafias and the notorious and dominant gangs usually wear sophisticated boots under a branded suit or high ankle shoes that add so much class to the overall get-up. The best thing about these themes is they enable you to sneak back into the past and get somewhat familiar with how things were and how things are now–How things have undergone dramatic changes over time.

The very thought of visualizing oneself in a gangster-styled get-up would be a pleasure!

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas

Gangsters And Flappers Party Decoration Ideas

When planning a gangster and flapper-themed party, choose an Art Deco-like ambiance that would perfectly match the theme you have picked out of many.

Balloons add fun, color, and flavor to the atmosphere. Any effort to decorate your venue would be considered incomplete in the absence of balloons. With balloons, we don’t mean choosing the typical, ordinary ones. Today, they come in various designs, colors, and sizes. Go for mesmerizing balloon installations. Black and silver would be a perfect color combination.

When deciding about the tables used to serve the drinks and edibles, we recommend that you go for elegant table settings featured with gold reef chargers. Add a gold-like touch to the bar. Use silver color for the aforementioned purpose. For chairs, embellish them with pearl strands and feather boas. Use green-colored floral arrangements to beautify the whole venue!

Gangsters And Flappers Party Backdrop/Photography Ideas

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas list is not complete without mentioning some photography ideas. We have got you covered with some wholly exciting ideas to add tons of fun to your photography moments. Also, you don’t have to worry about the viability of these ideas. They have easy execution, are inexpensive, and don’t look odd. Although it’s a common idea, the fun and excitement that it holds are still intact.

Arrange some photo frames on your big day and tell people to stand with their faces between those photo frames. Mention WANTED in bold at the bottom or the top of the frame board and see people burst into irresistible laughter. They would love to be captured with the word WANTED mentioning on those frames. To make it more amusing and entertaining, you can also add MOST WANTED for any of your mates who is notorious for being an incorrigible flirt—A Casanova!

You can also use a canvas as a backdrop for the photography idea. Get a spray paint and spread it all over the canvas, writing “Ain’t Nothing but a Gangster Party! Get it written in graffiti style and see the magic. That would be too majestic a sight to witness. Then get some frames with wanted written on them and tell your fellows to hold and adjust them in front of their faces. This will give them something to cheer about, and seeing them bursting in laughter would be worth every penny!

If you do not have budget to hire a professional photographer just read this guide on how to take perfect pictures with phone camera.

Gangsters And Flappers Themed Party Ideas

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas (Music)

When it comes to music, try to play something by Tupac Shakoor. His music is of the rap genre, and the lyrics are predominantly written, keeping in view the incredible, affluent, but dangerous lifestyle that people committing white-collar crimes maintain. Let it play in the background while you chat will all your so-called gangster buddies. All of you dressed in the finest of attires would look great together. Don’t forget to capture those moments. After reliving these moments in your mind, they will become a must component of your reverie.

Likewise, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog would go ideally with the theme. Their rap songs are predominantly composed of lyrics talking about money, power, women, and drugs. After all, that’s what all the gangsters are fond of. This is their lifestyle, and they know how to maintain it—by hook or by crook. With their music played in the background, you would sit there with your buddies, trying to have the time of your lives! Almost every moment will be worth capturing. Keep your cameras on!

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas (Food/Drinks)

Food and drinks is a much-anticipated segment of a party. After getting tired of dancing on the fancy beat, attendees want something delectable and delicious to indulge in. They are looking for a kind of refreshment that would make them feel invigorated! We have the best food and drinks ideas to make your gangster and flapper-themed party a phenomenal one. Read on to get some ideas about what edibles and drinks can be arranged for your event.

Start with assorted salads to cater well to your guests’ refreshment needs. You have all the variety to choose from, so try to decide what finger-licking is good. You can arrange molded fruited jelly-salads, Caesar salad, sliced pineapple, cocktails, and maraschino cherries for the required purpose. Serving as appetizers, these would enable the guests to explore the table further and lay their hands on everything they can eat. Considering the delicacy of the edibles, you will wish you had a bigger mouth—take my word for that! You can also incorporate salted nuts and peanuts to complement your menu.

Likewise, sausages, finger fish, grilled chicken burgers, hamburgers, club sandwiches, fried chicken, baked ham, and any addition can be made to the menu considering the likings and taste of your guests. Give them something to relish! Mouth-watering edibles like those mentioned above would set them on for the following segments.

Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas (Beverages)

To cater to the drinking needs of your guests, you can arrange Shirley temples, Coca-Cola, Lemonade, mint margarita, punch, and yes, how can we forget hug in a mug— Yes, Coffee it is! If you are up for a cocktail party, the best choice would be to go with Cranberry Cosmopolitans- perfect for the Mafia Murders /1920s theme party, as are Martinis.

A Tip worth Mentioning

You can also arrange top-notch cigars for all those who love smoking. If you are fond of watching Hollywood movies, specifically of gangster, mystery, or murder genres, you would, frequently, see the villains smoking a big cigar while breathing all the worries and stress out. They usually do that by sitting on their rocking chair, but you will be at a party—things would be pretty different. It would be something you won’t like to miss out on. As always, we would reiterate that you do all that you can, with all that you have, to make it one spectacular event!


Once you have had one hell of a party, take off all the decorative items and keep them for later usage. That would save you a good amount of money and would put you in a position to throw another party soon. Similarly, try to distribute the remaining food among the oppressed and the needy. That would serve them well. Get all the electrical appliances plugged out at night and have a good night’s sleep!

Let us know if you have attended such a party with some crazy Gangsters And Flappers Party Ideas.

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