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Risky Business Party Theme Ideas 2022

Before we get into all the specifics of risky business party theme ideas let us explore what this is about after all. A risky business party is a party you would never like to miss out on. So, if you are fearless and adventure addict and don’t worry about taking risk and going to great lengths in accomplishing the tasks assigned to you, this party would provide you with exclusive entertainment at its best. To serve you some adrenaline risky business party ideas are full of fun to have a night to remember. Though this party is also called risky business theme frat party too, for all the right reasons.

Youth and juvenility can be specified as an age in which the young have no apprehension about the consequences of committing a felony or minor violations of rules and regulations. They would only pay heed to what their heart speaks, follow it, and turn a deaf ear to what everyone says or thinks about them!

To be thrilled, they would not be scared, and playing with dangers would come as effortless to them as you can think. You can think of all the great ideas that you hit upon during your age of abundant energy, spark, and enthusiasm. Doing an adventure would come so effortlessly to them. If you want to feel a natural high, mode elevation, and ecstasy—this risky business-themed party has it all for you!

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Risky business party theme ideas

Party Venue

Well, for this party, you will be hanging outdoors too, which makes it different from most of the planned and organized parties at a specific venue. At a risky business party, you can dare your mates what you think would make them feel thrilled and excited, and accomplishing it would not be something they can easily do. They will have to stretch their limits and transcend beyond their fears to stand triumphant.

The fears you don’t face become your limits. It is a small dose of motivation intended to inject a little enthusiasm if you find some tasks difficult. Victory lies beyond fear! Get this and get this straight.

We have got you covered with some phenomenal ideas about how to make your party one fantastic event.

Risky Business Party Supplies

While you do not need any specific decorations for the party as only the costumes are enough to make this party look lively. Nevertheless you should not go easy on the party preparations. Just to make sure everything is in perfect order and complete, here is a list of party supplies to make your day a little bit easier.

Risky Business Dress/Costume Ideas For Guys

While thinking about what to wear to risky business party, you should not worry. Lay hands on the best casual costumes in your wardrobe and wear them with perfect ease. Specifically, we would like to recommend that you go with Bermuda or shorts; whether long or short, the choice is merely yours.

Wear a button-down shirt with shorts. You can also unbutton your shirt to look more stylish and casual. Again the color choice is all yours, but we want you to go with white. White is a perfect color to be worn for such events. Keep your costume cheap yet classy, and don’t decide on purchasing expensive clothes as you will ruin them by having fun and playing with colors. To maximize your experience, you shouldn’t bother worrying much about your clothes. Live in the moment and try to have the fun of your life!

But, if you really want to follow the proper dress code for this party then go with white/black/red underwear with white button down shirt, white socks and black polarized sunglasses.

risky business party theme outfits

Wear Accessories

Try to complement your dressing with accessories like exquisite sunglasses of your favorite brand. This will give away your sense of style which will surely be terrific. Wear a casual wristwatch and also wear hand bands if you can. They look incredible.

Try to give and take as many compliments as you can. After all, everyone at the party would be dressed to perfection. Make reasonable efforts in preparing yourself for the big day.

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Risky Business Party Outfit Ideas for Women

Don’t worry if you are a woman and think that we are short of ideas about making women wear the best of the best. So, if you are a woman, we have great ideas. To dress for the event perfectly, you can arrange a white button-down shirt along with white shorts and white socks. This classic costume is always in fashion and never goes out of style. This would be a close to perfect combo that would appear nothing short of brilliant considering the party’s theme.

To add to your complete outfit, you will also need pair of wayfarer-styled sun shades with a touch of yellow paint on your face. Here are some risky business party costume ideas for girls to try.

Put on mascara and your party dress—what are you waiting for!

risky business party theme outfits for girls

Risky Business Party Decoration Ideas

The ambiance of a place depends mainly on how you decorate your venue. So decoration is something that must be given prime importance. Without a well embellished and illuminated area, you would fail to add an essential pre-requisite of decorum to the party’s success. So go to great lengths to ensure that you have got a lovely place all set up to a level that borders on perfection!


Design it with lights, make it as brightened up and illuminated as possible. After all, lights’ profound impact on one’s mood can’t be ignored. So, try to ensure the best possible arrangements. Use assorted colored lights throughout the venue. The place must be decorated to get the attendees on their feet and elicit feelings of extreme joy. 


Balloons are another spectacular decorating item. Purchase white balloons and spread them all over the place. Hang some on the backdrop, let the remaining fly up in the air, and touch the ceiling. Do what you can with the balloons, and they would glorify the decorum of the whole venue. We recommend that you go with white balloons giant in numbers and varying in size. This would add to their beauty and make them appear more spectacular.

Risky Business Party Theme Ideas (Food)

Food cooked and served to perfection can be an excellent source of refreshment. Ensure an assorted variety of edibles to cater to your guest’s refreshment needs. To help the majority consume finger-licking delectable food, incorporate eatables like Pizza, Mini Burgers, Nuggets, Meet balls, Sausage rolls, among others. Also, it would be best to choose the menu strictly considering the guests’ preferences and likings to eat to their heart’s content.

Risky Business Party Theme Ideas (Dessert)

Similarly, you can entertain your guests with a few delicious desserts. Molten Lava, Chocolate brownies, pastries, cheesecakes (to name a few) is among the finest choices in this regard.

Risky Business Party Music Ideas

Moreover, it’s no secret that music lovers have primarily increased due to easy access and availability of technological gadgets. Can you imagine a party without loud and roaring music? It would be too bland. No one would ever like to attend a party without music. Make the best possible sound arrangements for the attendees to have a wholly fantastic experience. Music can make or break a party. It would help if you gave considerable importance to the music thing. It would matter a lot in making your party a super hit.

Music is something that goes entirely with the mood. But on occasions like parties, everyone is in the same spirit of showing their moves and rocking the dance floor. We recommend you go with a playlist that fits the majority’s mood. Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, One Republic, BTS, One Direction has produced and is still making some of the finest music ever.

Tracks like “God gave me style” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” from Coldplay are amongst the best choices. Also, you can play any song from the hit 1983’s Risky Business Movie too. They would make the crowd go wild and make them dance like no one is watching them! It would also reveal the hidden dancing talent of some of your friends you never thought they were capable of making incredible dance moves.

Risky business themed frat party

Risky Business Party Theme Ideas (Activities and Games)

Activities and games like truth and dare can add more fun and joy to your parties. When introduced as a unique program at the party, games like truth and dare can give many an adrenaline rush and a spark of zeal. You can play this game for a jubilant experience giving you a mood elevation. Also, you can dare someone shots and see the whole crowd witness that incredible moment!

Wrap up

It is time to wrap up our list of risky business party theme Ideas. In a nutshell, you should do everything in your power and control to make the event a huge success. Try to make all necessary arrangements at least a day before the party. Doing this would save you from stress, fatigue, and hastiness. Estimate the number of attendees and then decide about the venue. To avoid any inconvenience, book the venue well in time. Ensure that the parking lot is copious and big enough to accommodate extra guests.

Let us know if you have experience some crazy risky business party theme ideas somewhere that you think were funny or just outright bizzare.

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