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Graffiti Themed Party Ideas 2022

Are you someone who is genuinely inspired by the idea of Graffiti? Do walls, buildings, vehicles immersed in various colors have been a source of excitement, fascination, and joy for you? Are you planning to throw a Graffiti themed party, but you don’t know how to get started by getting down to the basics? And you might be in need of some creative graffiti themed party ideas too.

Please allow us to alleviate any concerns you may have regarding Graffiti in the true sense of the term and how to throw a Graffiti themed party. Equipped with sufficient knowledge, you will be in an ideal position to arrive at the best decision. If you are just exploring party ideas to have a fun party, checkout these Euphoria themed and Louis Vuitton Party ideas too.

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti refers to the art of writing words, quotations, or short messages to bring people’s attention to issues that would otherwise remain unattended. Unlike simple and plain text, Graffiti is a distinguished form of writing written in bold, colored alphabets. Usually immersed in multiple colors, the written words or sentences offer an aesthetic sight to its viewers.

What does Graffiti Portray?

Graffiti reflects your deep-settled notions, emotions, and feelings about a particular issue or something that holds significance for you. It tries to briefly describe what you have been holding inside and how to get your message across to others.

 Go with messages that would enable the people to lift themselves from rock bottom to heights of success, fame, and glory. You can think of many statements about making someone feel positive and getting them back on their feet.

Graffiti Party Supplies

Before we start dishing out graffiti party ideas, we just want you to know that we understand your might be stressing out because of all the arrangements and getting everything ready before time. For that reason here is a list of graffiti themed party supplies that will surely come handy if you want to get some things rather than going all DIY on party preparations.

graffiti themed outfits

Ideas for a graffiti themed Party

Graffiti is not just confined to motivational and thought-provoking messages; it also is full of humor. You can make fantastic arrangements for events like birthdays and Graffiti-themed parties by staying even within a tight budget.

Invitation Ideas

For sending invitations to your mates, we recommend you use Graffiti stickers on the invitation cards. They are easily available in the market at a nominal price. All you need to have is a look that can see something special in the ordinary. With a bit of effort, you can design lovely invitation cards that would light up everybody’s path on the reception day!

Go for a pop-up invitation card. It is far more exciting and unanticipated. You can design a custom party card by using colored chart paper. Again, for chart papers, we recommend you use party colors. Assorted green, pink, blue, and red shades would make perfect choices for the invitation cards. Along with that, you can also use glitters and sparkling markers to put down the names of the invitees on the invitation cards. That would give them an indication of what will undoubtedly be a fantastic event.

Another great graffiti theme party idea that we are about to reveal would be liked by many. Get some caps and spray-paint your guests’ names on them. Hand them over to the guests while they grace you with their presence. Yes, we are talking about their arrival time! Seeing their names spray-painted in Graffiti would not only make them overjoyed but will also set the mood for the party straight away.

Decoration Ideas

The decoration is all about improvising and making the best use of the items and materials available to you. You would surely need some decorative items and materials for embellishing your venue. We recommend that you spend some money and go for quality products. Don’t go for a lot of stuff and only purchase items that you find superior quality. Whatever you put on display must look good as it catches everyone’s eye.

Neon Lights

You can add neon lights in varied colors for a Graffiti themed party. Go for loud and vibrant colors. It would make your venue glow in the dark, and that would be a terrific sight to witness. Some things are beyond verbal description, and it is tough to wrap your feelings in words. You can light up your venue and make it seem much lovelier by incorporating these simple yet significant ideas into your party settings.


These fancy neon lights can be installed along the borders of walls and ceilings. Turn off the lights and let everyone witness these glorious moments. It will give you an incredible feeling that is hard to describe! It would be no less than a treat to watch.

graffiti themed party ideas and decorations

Neon-light Dinner

Also, you can place neon lights beneath the tables you have set for refreshment. Those lights glowing in the dark would be amazing to see. Experiment with this idea, and you will get an overwhelming response from all the party freaks stunned by this idea. It’s entirely possible that they would have thought about that, but seeing the concept in execution would be a terrific sight! I hope visualizing the picture of glowing neon lights fascinates you as much as it fascinates and excites me!

Dress/Costume Ideas

There are many fun graffiti themed party ideas for deciding the perfect outfit for the event. It would be great to stay in casual gear. We would highly recommend something that would go ideally with the atmosphere and the event’s theme in its entirety.

Do you like T-shirts painted with a message, an axiom, or a statement made by any famous personality? Are you someone who likes to wear tampered, faded jeans along with a Nicely-fitted t-shirt? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you are up for a beautiful occasion! No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!

If you like to dress and are a fan of costume then checkout these 1920s party and playboy party ideas.

graffiti themed party ideas

Graffiti Themed Party Ideas (Music)

Let us reveal something exciting and enormously inspiring. The famous English rock band Coldplay is widely recognized and admired for incorporating Graffiti in their events. If you are familiar with the band’s music, you have a superb taste in music. If you ever got a chance to see them perform in Paris in 2013, you would understand what I am talking about. Yes, I am talking about their terrific performance in that Graffiti themed concert. It was a big event that was organized to perfection. You got it right!

Coldplay music specifically meant for these kinds of parties would be an excellent fit for your event. Just listen to your songs and see them for yourself; you will be thanking me later. Go for songs like Charlie Brown. Every Tear Drop Is a Waterfall and Hymn for the Weekend. You will find these spectacular videos immersed in colors of Graffiti.

Try to arrange a Big LED and play some stunning videos flooded with Graffiti. That would make your event purely unique and unforgettable, and it will be long remembered and discussed by the invitees of your event. If you find it expensive for an idea, stick to the neon lights. The lights would do the trick for you! If your budget allows you to arrange an enormous LED, don’t be ambivalent and go for one. That would make your event exceedingly interesting.

Graffiti Party Backdrop/Photography Ideas

For the backdrop, you can hit upon several ideas. You can get your favorite quotations and axioms; spray-painted in a graffiti style. Graffiti is a remarkable display of bold, colorful paintings on plane walls, fabrics, and buildings. If you are settled in Europe or the United States, you will have noticed some public transport vehicles sprayed with Graffiti. It makes them appear much more colorful and consequently eye-catching. It is going to add excessive flavor to your event too!

Another incredible idea would be to get all your attendees’ names spray-painted in Graffiti on a canvas. The canvas can then be put in the background as a backdrop. This is an idea known to a very few. Incorporate it with neon lights and see the magic. Let the neon light strips border everybody’s name to see everyone go ecstatic!

And you do not need to hire a professional photographer and dent your bank account but take photos with your phone. Here is how you can take best photos with phone camera.

Graffiti Themed Party Ideas (Edibles)

Arranging fresh, mouth-watering food items for edibles that everyone will rejoice at the party. Go for a variety of cuisines as you will be catering to the needs of a wide variety of guests having different food tastes. So it would be highly advisable to arrange at least five delectable food items for your event. This number can exceed, but it shouldn’t be less than that. Let there be Pizzas, hamburgers, bacon sandwiches, chicken nuggets, club sandwiches, and some other items that you can manage to arrange for the much-anticipated event.

Awesome Cake Ideas for Graffiti Themed Birthday Party

If you are throwing a Graffiti themed birthday party, be sure to include a cake that matches well with the theme. The cake is an essential element of any birthday party. It’s going to be the center of everyone’s attention. Make it memorable by rising above the expectations!

One splendid thing you can do with your cake is to put a short message thanking everybody who came over to multiply your joy and happiness. For the said purpose, you can use chocolate syrup. You can use a handmade cone to spread it over the cake. Make sure you use bright colors that are visible even in the dark.

Well cake wraps up our graffiti themed party ideas. For now.


  1. For a Graffiti themed birthday party, you can choose messages, short or long, to elicit feelings of bliss, contentment, and satisfaction among the attendees. It will be your big day so let your imagination go wild and come up with exciting ideas about making your event a super hit.
  2. Although some negative notions are associated with Graffiti, it can still be used in advantageous ways. You can use Graffiti writing to convey your deep-settled feelings or emotions about a particular trend or even an issue prevailing in society. It drags our attention to those issues that are otherwise left unaddressed.

Let us know if you have ever been party of or have some super fun graffiti themed party ideas. Cheers.

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