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Pimps and Hoes Party Ideas 2022

Pimps and hoes parties are a throwback to the days of pimps and their female companions. These parties started as an opportunity for these women to dress up in expensive clothing, drink champagne, and dance with the men who paid them for sex. Nowadays, anyone can participate in this type of party! There is no need to be a pimp or prostitute yourself – you just need some friends who dare to come out and have fun. Rest assured, fun is guaranteed if you follow any of these pimps and hoes party ideas.

What is Pimps and Hoes Party?

Well pimps and hoes parties are a throwback to the time when pimps and their prostitutes were a thing to be seen in the public and in bars. There were certain stereotypes attached to them where pimp was always seen as wearing flashy outfits and having gangsta looks while prostitutes were doing what they do best. Heavy makeup and revealing outfits.

If you have been invited to such party then be sure that you either a pimp or a hoe because that is how people dress for this. For the sake of the party I mean.

Pimps and Hoes party ideas

How did Pimps and Hoes Parties start?

No one knows for sure when this party theme originated but this is confirmed that it has been a hit with college parties. Why does it matter when did it start? I am just hoping that it never ends.

Pimps and hoes party supplies

Supplies for pimps and hoes party are basically comprise of all the generic party stuff and the costumes. To make your part perfect you should check all the necessary arrangements, decoration items, costumes and fun stuff .

Pimps and hoes party ideas (Invitations)

If you are hosting this party then it is your time to be creative and set rules right of the bat. While it is necessary to let the guests know the theme of the party in plain and simple words it should not stop you from making your invites a little bit fun to read.

Pimps and hoes party ideas (Decorations)

Pimps and hoes party theme demands a d├ęcor that goes with the sleazy environment of the party. Though you can have setup your way but it is a good idea to have dim red lights or black light to reflect the culture and fake money hanging from walls and doors. A dance stage would entertain a lot of people too.

If you are up for it and want to have the perfect party then go for a stripper pole at the center of the dance stage to complete your preparations.

Pimps and hoes theme party

Pimps and Hoes Costume Ideas

Check out our detailed guide on pimp and hoe costumes. This has been one my favorite college party themes and it essentially is a costume party. And when it comes to costumes there is are bunch options filled with gaudy, hip hop and sexy outfits. Checkout this epic list of pimps and hoes outfits. Before you select your perfect outfit to wear for the themed party, let us discuss how you need to look to pass this party with flying colors. You can check out some outfit ideas from this anything but clothes party as well. See whatever suits you.

Well if you decide to look like a pimp just recall any of the movie with a pimp in it. The pimp outfit has this fairly similar standard outline,

Flashy & bright dress

Gold teeth

Diamond rings

Ear & nose piercings

Gold chains

A hat

and a cane with golden handle

Now for the ladies, the hoes ideal dress must have these

Sleazy and revealing dress

Heavy makeup

Bright colored lipstick, ideally red one

and High Heels

Drink Ideas

Though focus of the party is on what people are wearing but what they do during the party heavily depends on what they get to drink. No pimps and hoes party ideas are complete without discussing drinks. As a host you will be deciding on how far you want this party to go. For starters bloody red marry, apple martinis and vodka punches are good to go for this kind of party or any alcoholic beverages you can get your hands on. And remember, do not forget your non-drinking friends.

Pimps and hoes party ideas (Music)

Hip Hop is name of the music when it comes to this party. Do not be too picky while selecting music. Anything from Snoop Dog will go with this party or even Drake.

My favorite for this party is Pimps & Hoes by Rock Mafia though.

Activities and Games

Pimp and hoe party ideas

College party themes are not much fun without some interesting activates and liquor games. There is no shortage of activities when pimps are in the house with their ladies. Indeed, there is a pimp and hoes card game that would suit the occasion.

Buying lap dances and even partial strip tease are good ideas. And for drinking games, just go for any drinking game you can think of as any game would suit this theme as long as guests are getting drunk.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are hosting the party then make sure that your valuables are safe and locked away.
  • Keep all your breakables or glassy ornaments out of the common area as when things get nasty they are the first to perish.
  • I know there would be some guys or girls who would not adhere to the party rules and it is your job to keep them out of the party.
  • When alcohol is being served, anything can happen, so just make sure that it does not go to the level where people are not safe.

Wrapping it Up

Well there you go. Remember that dressing for this party theme is the main thing and you can just let go some of the things that you might be struggling with. Let us know if you have come across any crazy pimps and hoes party ideas. Have a great one.


What to wear to a pimps and hoes party?

Just close your eyes and imagine what a pimp and his hoe would wear. Well there you go. Ideally flashy, sleazy and sexy outfits are ideal for this event.

How to play pimps and hoes card game?

Well this game could be played by 2 or 4 players with 52 cards. The rule of the game is that each participant would take out 5+4+4 cards from the deck on each turn. Now the value or number of face cards is counted and whoever has the highest, wins the game.

Are Pimps and Hoes Parties Misogynists?

Yes, these parties could be considered against women as negative ideas about women are portrayed by the hoes in the party. Because of this reason these parties have been banned in some colleges as well. But as long as you and your female friends are having a good time it is all fine.

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