We all love parties

Don’t we all? Have you ever been to a party that was not what it promised to be? Well, it has happened to us at some point in our lives, and even thinking about those miserable experiences ruins the mood.

Our Mission

All of us have been party animals in our teens and twenties when partying was the way of life and maybe the biggest entertainment in our lives. We have been to some horrible parties where not even the host had any idea how to create a party environment. This is our mission now to guide hosts and guests about the essentials of any party. If you are having a good day after implementing some of the tips that you read here then this is our achievement.

What We Do?

We provide party tips from party invitation ideas, decoration ideas, cake ideas, drinks ideas, food ideas, and party favor ideas to hosts and guests.

What Parties We Cover?

Well, we have been providing tips and hacks for all kinds of parties from adult parties to kids and birthday parties. We get the hosts ready with all the party essentials so everyone can have a great time.

To put it short “We love partying and want you to have a memorable time at any party.”

Our Organization

We are a team of 5 party lovers and our office is based in Florida, USA. If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, you are always welcome to contact us.

Meet Our Team

Ruth Haines

Ruth Haines

Ruth Haines has been planning parties since she was 12 years old for friends and family. She got so good at it that she was often requested to be in charge of the party planning. During her senior years at school, she got the chance to arrange parties for the community as well as for fellow students. Because of her enthusiasm and creative skills, she decided to choose event management as her career. She has done Masters in Recreation and sports management fromĀ Florida International University.