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100 Creative Anything but Cup Party Ideas 2022

Cup parties are great, but what if you want to do anything but a cup party? it is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing and come up with new ideas to quench your thirst (literally). There is no shortage of anything but cup party ideas or anything but water bottle ideas, whatever you prefer to say, but the key is to be unique and eye-catching. The Internet is filled with container ideas that you can use instead of a cup, but do you want to use a jug instead of a cup? Come on.

Well, whether you are throwing this no cup party, attending the party and looking for hilarious drinking container ideas, or are just curious about what it is, you are in for a fun-filled ride. We will talk about invitations, decorations, outfits, and drinking container ideas that will make your Anything but Cup Party memorable. If you are just exploring “Anything but” party options, check out these Anything but clothes party ideas. Ironically both of them are called ABC parties though.

What is Anything but Cup Party?

Anything But Cup Party is a type of party where you can use anything as a container instead of the usual cups. This can be anything from a flower pot to a boot or a skull if you dare to. It is a great way to get creative and have some fun with your party planning.

Anything but cup party ideas, how did it start?

Anything but cup parties first got popular in 2014. A group of friends was just having fun and they took a photo that went viral. People liked the concept so much, that it became an online thing to do during the summertime. Anything but cups parties are now all over social media with people taking photos with different weird containers for their drinks than regular cups or glasses. This party theme has been a great hit on Tiktok specifically.

Anything but cup ideas

We have assembled a list of funny things you can use as a cup. Before we get into all the details here are some funny anything but cup ideas.

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Container Ideas

And here we go. For this party, you can find funny drinking vessels on Amazon. This is what matters at this party. Anything but cup party rules are simple, just use other things to drink of besides regular cups. This is time to be creative and think about what could be used as a cup or what are some fun container ideas that you can use instead of a cup.

We have assembled a list of ideas that you can use and be remembered for years to come that this guy drank from a broken bulb. Just make sure that there are enough straws on the table because it would be hard to drink from some of the below items without a straw.

Natural Things as Cups

Look no further away as nature has come to your rescue.



Sea Shells

Anything but water bottle ideas


Tube Light


Hollowed candle

Dog Feed Bowl


Honey Jar

Decoration Vase

Plastic Bag

Juice Carton

Fish Bowl

Dinner Plate

Coffee Pot

Frying Pan

Water Bucket

Beer Hat

Garbage Bag (A new one please)

Goon bag

Tupperware containers

Baby Feeding Bottle

Milk Carton

Chemical Flask (Again, please buy a new one and do not be subject to some bizarre experiment)

Dog Toy

Toy Van

Gas Can (New One)

Shampoo Bottle

Water Backpack

Shopping Bag

Chemical Beakers and Flasks

Hand Grenade Glass



Traffic Cones

Spray Bottles

Bizarre and Funny Containers Ideas

Well these ideas would be bizarre and funny but please buy a new one and never use an already used one so you do not scar yourself for the rest of your life. Here are some drinking vessels you may like,

Enema Kit

Potty Training pot

Toilet Plunger

Plastic Shoe

IV Bags/Drips


Small Tyres


Waterproof Socks

Medicine Bottles

Spray Bottles

Fruits & Vegetables as Cups

Well you or guests can cut below fruits and vegetables in half and make yourself a nice makeshift bowl for your party.









Bell Peppers (Yeah Right)

Anything but cup party supplies

Though everyone would be noticing what others have brought to drink from, that would not be the case if you are the one throwing the party. Here is a list of party supplies to make your life a little bit easier and to add fun to the party.

How to be Creative with Party Invitations?

There are so many different ways to be creative with party invitations. You can make them yourself or order them online. Some popular Anything but Cups invitation themes include beach balls, sunglasses, flip-flops, and of course – cups with holes in it. Cups with holes are just a reminder that cups would be useless at this party and so would be your imaginative skills if you arrived with a cup. Keep on exploring anything but cup party ideas. Talking about creativity, checkout white lie party ideas, where your creativity should come handy while coming up with the perfect lie.

Decorations for the Party

Decorations are very important for any party as they set the tone of the party. As the focus of this party is on the containers that you are using instead of decoration so your anything but cup party theme could be anything. For example, you can have a big inflatable pool that you fill with water or other beverages to stand in it while you drink, use balloons and streamers for the occasion.

anything but cup party ideas
anything but cups
Anything but cups

Drinks Ideas

The best drinks for an anything but cup party are cocktails and mocktails. You can get creative with the names of your drinks too, such as Fruity Pebbles or a Shirley Temple-esque drink called “Little Lady”. Find some crazy drink ideas here. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could even have a smoothie party and everyone make their own drink. Just be sure to have plenty of straws on hand!

Outfit Ideas for Anything but Cups Parties

Since the focus is on creative drinks containers, there are no limits when it comes to what you can wear to your party. You could go with a Hawaiian theme if you’re throwing your party at the pool, or you could go with a beach theme if it’s being held at the shore. If you want to try some costume party, checkout this crazy heaven and hell party.

anything but cup party ideas

Tips & Tricks

So just to show off their weird drinking containers everyone would be going for just too many drinks. As a host you must be prepared with some garbage bags if few makeshift bowls are no longer able to hold the liquid and star spilling.

Secondly, these parties have the potential to go wild in a short time for which you must be ready.

Further, before the guests start arriving just make sure that your valuables like jewelry etc. are not lying around in the house in front of everyone. Because the last thing you want is to confront some drunk guy about your missing Hand Bag (On a second thought, this could be used as a drink container).

Wrapping Up the Party

Now that you have some great anything but cup party ideas for a creative party, it’s time to wrap things up. Be sure to thank your guests for coming and let them know how much fun they had. You might even want to send them home with a little something to remember the party by. A few parting thoughts:

  • Be sure to clean up after the party. Nothing spoils a good time like having to clean up messes.
  • Make sure you have plenty of food and drink for your guests. You don’t want them going hungry or thirsty.
  • Have fun! The best part of throwing a party is seeing all the happy faces.
  • You can use this theme for your dinner party as well.


Q: What can I use for an Everything but a Cup party?

Ans: Anything that is not a cup or a glass that is almost a cup. The idea is to be creative with your drink containers.

Q: What can I use as a cup?

Ans: Blenders, Tupperware, Cartons, Hoses or anything that we have mentioned in above post.

Q: What are some good themes for parties?

Ans: There are tons of themes that suit different occasions. From Hawaiian theme to pirate them or anything but cups, you can use anything that suits the occasion.

Q: What can I use for a not a Cup party?

Ans: Blenders, Tupperware, Cartons, Hoses or anything that we have mentioned in above post.

Q: What are things you can drink out of?

Ans: Blenders, Tupperware, Cartons, Hoses or anything that we have mentioned in above post.

Q: What can I drink out of besides a cup?

Ans: Blenders, Tupperware, Cartons, Hoses or anything that we have mentioned in above post.

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