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White Lie Party Ideas 2022

A white lie party is a fun way to celebrate the holidays and let loose with your friends. Honestly, I am a big fan of white lie parties where you are more willing to accept everyone with no judgements and say whatever you want. And that is the reason why I always keep looking for white lie party ideas to make it fun for everyone.

If you’re hosting, there are some things you need to consider: what kind of food do I serve and what should we wear? When considering these questions, don’t forget that it’s all about having a good time! And if you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate and provide entertainment at your white lie party (and maybe even get an idea or two for a shirt!), then this article is just for you!

Here are some good white lie party ideas:

  1. Select a party location that is not too formal.
  2. Send funny invites to attendees.
  3. Given wrong names to food items. Like a “Salted Strawberry Trifle” when in reality its just common sweet one.
  4. Place a funny photo booth in a corner.
  5. Every attendee should wear a white t-shirt with a white lie of their choice written on it.
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What is a White Lie Party?

So, white lie parties are inspired from a Tiktok trend that originated in 2020 and many people thought it to be a good party idea, including myself. If you put all the party nuances aside, white lie party is all about wearing t-shirts with funny white lies written on it.

White Lie Party Theme Ideas

White lie party can be themed around anything you want. You could go with a ’90s theme, college frat style or whatever else that makes you comfortable! Just remember to consider the food and décor for your white lie party as well! Like any other party you can decide on theme of your choice and the fun would be to have white lies that are associated with the theme. If you are just not sure on what theme is more fun check out heaven and hell and high school stereotypes party theme ideas as well.

Funny White Lie Party Invites

When sending out invites for your white lie party, make sure to be creative! You could go with a digital invite or even snail mail if you’re feeling extra nostalgic. If you choose to do a digital invite, consider making it interactive and include some games that guests can play when they arrive.

White Lie Party Supplies

Though main theme of the party would be shirts and white lies written over them, a little decoration won’t hurt anyone. Beside decoration items, there are certain essentials like cups, plates and party poppers etc. that would save you from the hassle of doing everything on your own. Here is a list of supplies that you are certainly going to need if you are the one hosting or managing the party.

Food at Your White Lie Party

A white lie party is not complete without food! You could either go with the traditional finger foods or serve your guests a full meal.

There is not much you can do with the food to make it funny but you can always give wrong names to food items. This works mainly by writing food item name on a card and placing it before the food tray. The ideal thing to do is name sweet things as sour or salted and vice versa. These are just little white lies that will hurt no one but rather surprise them. But it would be better if you just not mess with the food in hope of making it funny and just let the guests enjoy it as it is. Here are some recipes to make meal for the party.

white lie party ideas

White Lie Party Ideas (Decorations)

When it comes to decorations for your white lie party, there is huge variety of themes and decorations. You could go with a fun theme or keep it simple by sticking to the colors white and green.

If you’re looking for something extra, why not set up a photo booth? This is always a hit at parties and provides hours of entertainment for guests.

Funny White Lie Party Ideas (Shirts)

You cannot have a white lie party without funny shirts and this is where everyone comes in. Most of times, guests often come wearing white t shirts with white lies already written on them. But, as the host, you could easily order custom t-shirts online or go to local retailers for something that fits your budget.

Keep t shirts and sharpies at the party so any one can write anything of their choice and be ready for the party. Get some plain white t shirts here if you are looking for one.

White Lie t shirt Ideas

This is where creativity takes the lead role. You can always write opposite of something that people associate with you. Like “I am always on time” when people around you know that you are never. The trick is to write something that people know is totally not true.

funny white lie t shirt ideas

100 Best White Lie Funny Shirt Ideas

If you are stuck and not sure what to write on your shirt, here are some white lie party ideas that will garner you some laughs at the party.

“I am virgin”

“Your baby is so cute”

“I do not like young guys”

“I have a gag reflex”

“I am a morning person”

“I got this thing tomorrow”

“I did not like being kissed in the public”

“I would like to help you”

“I would love to hear more about your kitty”

“Your dog is so adorable”

“I would love to go out some time”

“I am not obsessed with video games”

“You look so thin”

“I cannot wait to leave this party”

“She is totally into you”

“She was looking at you”

“I am wearing under ware”

“I love loud music”

“I have never cheated”

“I am over you”

“Your mom is the best”

“I cannot wait to meet your parents”

“I will reach in 5 minutes”

“I have so many friends”

“Your parents were so nice”

“I don’t drink and drive”

“I love Twilight”

“I am a fast learner”

“My car broke down”

“I will get this report ready by tomorrow”

“I will start gym tomorrow”

“I do not believe in ghosts”

“Babe, you are getting worried for nothing”

“She does not mean anything”

“I prefer being with you than being in my bed playing video games”

“I am so happy”

“I am not a book nerd”

“I do not binge watch every series on Netflix”

“I am not a big fan of Harry Potters”

“Yeah Boss, I am not feeling well today”

“I am going away for only couple of days”

“You are the hottest person ever”

“I am not sweaty”

“I do not sweat while eating”

“I do not have a hidden New Folder on my Laptop”

“Got to Go Babe, my battery is going to die”

“I will call you when I reach hotel”

“Dad this is for the college project”

“Babe you look fine, let us go”

“Let me get the check, I insist”

“You are the biggest I ever had”

“I do not like winter”

“What? I was just watching normal videos”

“I have my own Only fans account”

“I do not like going to gym everyday”

“I am not a fitness freak”

“I did not lie to be here”

“I am happy with my job”

“My career looks so promising”

“I am great at my job”

“Babe you are my first”

“In search of my soul mate”

“Yes, you can explore my browsing history”

“You are so funny”

“I hardly laugh at stupid stuff”

“Size does not matter”

“Money is never the deciding factor for me”

“You can count on me”

“I am low maintenance”

“I will never ask you to subscribe to my channel”

“Money does not drive me”

“I do not hate anyone”

“I hate how good looking I am”

“One day I will stop being lazy”

“My boyfriend will never propose me”

“My co-workers are awesome”

“I can eat spicy food without any face.”

” I am a secret agent”

” I am really good at golf.”

“I am a morning person.”

” I don’t like chocolate.”

“I am a vegetarian.”

” I don’t really like partying.”

“I am not a big fan of social media.”

“I don’t like taking pictures.”

” I am not a big fan of traveling.”

“My favourite animal is a lion.”

” I am never late.”

“I am a very good driver.”

“I have never had a drink in my life!”

” My parents are really rich.”

“I am a math genius.”

” I have never lied in my life!”

“I am really good at keeping secrets!”

” I am the best kisser.”

“The real me is actually very different from how people see me at work. “

“I am not really into partying.”

” I am not that social.”

“I do not spend half my salary on dogs”

“You are a great host”

Conclusion – Best White Lie Party Ideas

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about throwing a white lie party. There is no shortage of white lie party ideas but you have to decide what works for you. Be sure to check out some of these fun ideas to make your party even more enjoyable. And remember, the key is to have fun and relax! Happy partying!


What are some good white lies?

Any lie that you tell just to get out of an awkward situation is a white lie. White lies are usually harmless and it is a victimless crime if any.

How do you do a white lie party?

The main theme of the party are the white t-shirts that everyone wears with some white lies written over them.

What is a white lie example?

I love going out would be a white lie if you do not like going out but have to say it to avoid uncomfortable situation.

What are good white lies?

Usually white lies are harmless and creative. A good white lie must be harmless and should be believable as well. There is no shortage of white lie party ideas if you are committed to making everyone laugh.

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