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Kinky Heaven and Hell Party Ideas 2022

What is a heaven and hell party? A heaven and hell party celebrates the dichotomy of life. The good, the bad, the sinner, the saint. It’s a celebration for when you’ve hit rock bottom or ascended to new heights in your spiritual journey. These parties are often themed “Heaven” or “Hell,” or Angels and Devils Parties, but they can be tailored to any theme that suits your fancy. Fancying hosting or going to one? Well stick around of heaven and hell party ideas. If you are just exploring ideas for the party, checkout these anything but cup and anything but clothes party ideas.

What are Heaven and Hell Parties?

Heaven and Hell parties are a great way to have fun with your friends. They are also an excellent conversation starter for any party. If you’re not sure what these parties are, they are themed events that celebrate the biblical concept of Heaven and Hell. The idea is that one room in the house is decorated as Heaven, while the other room is decorated as Hell. There is also usually some sort of activity or game inside hell room and heaven room to help set the mood like playing cards on tables made out of clouds in heaven or stabbing people with pitchforks in hell!

Party Invitations

When you’re thinking about how to throw a heaven and hell party, the first thing you need to decide is what type of invitations you want. There are lots of party ideas and ways that people send out these types of invitations; some choose to make their own by hand or with old-fashioned typewriters while others create digital versions using programs like Photoshop or InDesign.

If you’re looking for a unique invitation, there are lots of companies that sell pre-printed invitations specifically for heaven and hell themed events. Some popular designs include gates to Heaven or Hell, angels and devils, or even the old-fashioned scrolls with Heavenly or Demonic fonts.

Heaven and hell party supplies

To make you life like heaven we have a list for all the party supplies that you are going to need for heaven and hell theme. Find out what are the items that will make you guests go wow.

Heaven and Hell party ideas (Decorations)

heaven and hell party costumes

The decorations for a heaven and hell party are what set the mood and help to create the atmosphere of the event. As with any type of themed party, it’s important to be as specific as possible with your decorations so that guests know exactly what they’re walking into!

One popular way to decorate for a heaven and hell party is to string white Christmas lights through a room or black lights. Setup some spooky signs for hell and some red balloons for your hell room. Red balloons and red lightbulbs do the trick every time to be honest. For hell room moody red candle holders would do the trick as well. A lot of people use red or blue to make the lighting more dramatic, but you can also opt for purple since it has those two colors as well! If your theme is Angels and Devils instead of Heaven and Hell, then try using silver or gold light strings.

heaven and hell party ideas that works particularly well with an Angels and Devils theme is to make clouds on the walls. You can do this by taping white paper together in long strips, then hanging them from the ceiling with tape or thumbtacks. If you’re looking for something a little simpler but equally effective, try painting some windows onto your party wall using blue cellophane wrapped around the glass. Always have white sheets for table for the heaven room. If you have different floors available to you then decorate the lower floor as hell and upper floor as heaven. This will give the partygoers a sneak peak into Heaven and Hell!

For decorations that are specific to Hell, there are lots of great options. One popular idea is to fill large black garbage bags with red or orange tissue paper and then hang them from the ceiling. You can also buy plastic flames or lava lamps to complete the effect. Another great idea is to set up a table covered in black felt with different props that can help guests get into the spirit of things, like pitchforks, plastic spiders and webs, or fake skulls.

Party Food and Drinks

When it comes to party food and drinks, you have just as much freedom as with the decorations! Just be sure to include some specific elements like red or black food coloring to tie in with your theme.

Food is one of the most important parts of any party, and heaven and hell parties are no exception! It can be difficult to find recipes that work for both Heaven (or Angels) and Hell (or Devils), but there’s usually something available on online recipe sites. Some popular dishes that work for either theme are devil eggs and marshmallows which can be made with regular or black food coloring to fit the party’s atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something a little more fun (and less healthy), try serving up some themed snacks like chocolate blood puddings, mummy hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough, or ghostly rice Krispy treats. You could even make a punch bowl full of red Kool-Aid and call it Blood Punch! Similarly go for some white treats for your heaven room.

We have got some heaven and hell party ideas when it comes to drinks as you have lots of homemade drinks options available depending on what type of theme you’re going to be using. If you want to stick with the traditional Heaven and Hell theme, then try serving up some iced tea (for Heaven) and lemonade (for Hell). You could also put a festive spin on these drinks by adding food coloring or using different types of liquor to create cocktails that represent each side.

For example, you could make an Angel’s Delight cocktail with vodka, iced tea, lemonade, and Sprite. Other popular drink options are jello shots for Hell or a Bloody Mary punch bowl to represent Heaven’s Blood Punch!

Heaven and Hell Party Ideas (Costumes)

Heaven and hell party ideas

One of the most fun parts about any themed party is dressing up in costumes that match your theme! A heaven and hell costume can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, and there are lots of different options available.

Devil Costumes for Guys:

here are some heaven and hell party ideas for guys who want to look like devils. A red or black t-shirt and pants, a pair of horns, some face paint, and a tail are all you need to create an easy DIY devil costume. You could also add a pitchfork or trident if you want to be extra festive. Or find some ready to wear devil outfits for men here (

Angel Costumes for Guys:

For an angel, you can wear a long white robe or tunic with some fake wings to look like the traditional Angel. You could also try wearing gold face paint and glitter around your eyes for extra effect. Or find ready-to-wear angel outfits for men here ( if that’s easier!

Devil Costumes for Girls

A simple way to create a DIY devil costume for girls is to wear a red dress, some black face paint, and put your hair in two buns on top of your head. You could also add wings, horns, or a tail if you want to get more creative. Or find ready-to-wear devil outfits for women here (

Angel Costumes for Girls

Finding an easy Angel costume for girls is a little trickier than finding one for guys, but you could try wearing a white dress and some wings. You can also add glitter to your face or shoulders if you want to get creative! Ready-to-wear angel outfits for women are hard to come by, but you can try some here (

Heaven and hell party ideas ( Music)

If you want to keep the party festive, make sure to play some music that matches your heaven and hell theme. You could also turn on a TV or radio station that plays music for either environment (for example, if you’re using an Angels vs Demons theme, you could turn on the Christian music channel).

Games and Activities

You can keep your guests entertained and active by playing a few party games. Have a limbo contest to find out who has the lowest hell score, or have everyone stand in two lines facing each other (one for heaven and one for hell) then see which side is able to push the others back further! There are as much games as party ideas but you should decide on games depending on your guests.

Tips & Tricks

If you’re having a large party, use your home phone to call in sick for work so that no one disturbs the festivities. Or have someone stay up with any stray guests who might show up at the door!

Wrapping it up

Once your party is over, you’ll probably have a lot of leftover decorations that can be used again for another themed event. You could also use any good outfits as costumes for other events or occasions!

Happy Partying. Let us know what are your favorite heaven and hell party ideas in comments. Have fun.

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