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50 Crazy Anything But Clothes Party Ideas 2022

It’s not Halloween and it’s certainly not Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a party! In this article, we’re going to discuss some super fun and rather outrageous anything but clothes party ideas. You’ll find everything from theme suggestions, decorations, drinks and music ideas along with costume ideas so you don’t have to worry about getting a new pair of jeans or a snowman sweater just for the party. It is time to wake your creative self up and hunt for anything but clothes ideas.

What is Anything but clothes party?

As the name suggests, you can wear anything to this party except clothes. For that purpose, you have to come up with ideas to cover at least your private parts of body. Sometimes it may be referred to as ABC party though there is another ABC party as well, that is called Anything but Cups party. We can all agree that no clothes party is definitely better than no cups party. Duhh

How did Anything but clothes parties start?

Anything but clothes have been a fun idea for college parties since 2004 and it seems like this theme is here to stay. The reason behind this long-term stay is that this party idea is not only fun but borderline kinky as well.

Well let us get into the details of the party and how you can make it fun for everyone and for yourself.

Anything but Clothes Party Invitations

If you are hosting this party or are a member of the party planning committee then it is your time to go wild with invite ideas. Though main purpose is to at least convey to the guests the theme of the party so people do not arrive dressed in suits.

Anything but clothes party supplies

All you need to worry about are the items to cover your private parts unless you are the one throwing the party. Because this could be something to be worried about as you want to impress the guests with the setup and the decorations. Here is a list of all the party supplies that will come handy while making arrangements.

Anything but Clothes Party Ideas (Costumes)

This is the most fun part of the party. As we said before, you can wear anything to this party except clothes. This gives you a lot of opportunity to be as creative as possible with your costume ideas.

Some people may go for full body paint costumes or some may just cover their private parts with different items they can find around the house. You can also have fun with makeup and accessories to give a unique body painting look for yourself or your partner in crime.

Anything but clothes party ideas are all about being creative, friendly and kinky at the same time. Talking about kinky, you can even try heaven and hell party as well. So, dust off that old box of costume accessories you bought for Halloween last year or mix up some colorful paint to give yourself a body painting makeover this weekend! You never know who else might have the same idea and you can have a blast together.

Anything but clothes party ideas for guys

Well go banana with the dress. I mean you can do that literally as well, but here are some anything but clothes party ideas to be center of everyone’s attention.

Pizza Box

Cardboard boxes

Paper bags

Beer Boxes

Game DVDs

Floatation Devices


Wood Sheet

Hollowed Guitar


Letter Box


Bubble Wrap

Garbage Bags


Mosquito Net

Thick Bamboo Blinds

Party Streamers

Yoga Mats

Rum Barrel

Big Gas Cans





Anything but Clothes party Ideas for Girls

Having to cover two areas, ABC party options become limited for girls. Well that must not stop you from enjoying. Here is a list of ideas for girls,

Caution Tape

Saran Wrap

Duck Tape

Bubble Wrap

Body Paint

Toilet Paper







Shower Curtains

Emergency Blankets

First Aid Kits

Devil Horns

Coffee Filters


Green leaves

Pregnancy Strips


Bubble Wrap


Gift Wrap Paper


ABC Party Decoration Ideas

Though theme of the party puts more focus on what people are wearing but that should not stop you from decorating the venue to have more fun. First things first, just clear the party area and put away any thing that can break when the party goes wild. Now you can set up a dance area or place a selfie booth somewhere in the corner. You can play any music of your choice that you believe will suit the theme and the audience.

Try not to bring out bright lights for the party as some people may show up with glow in the dark costume ideas.

Drink Ideas

You can start with beer and wine that is easy to access in any party store or grocery market. You may also mix up some drinks according to the theme of the party. But do not forget about your non-alcoholic guests so have something for them as well.

Wrapping it Up

Well there you go. Before you go hunting for your ideal dress for ABC party, here are some parting thoughts,

  1. Always keep the valuables locked and safe
  2. Have some spare Duct Tape or Caution Tape in case someone arrives with clothes and has to get ready for the party

There you go. Have a blast.


What is an Anything but Clothes Party?

A party where you can wear anything and everything you want except the proper clothes.

How should I dress for an ABC party?

Do not spend too much time wondering what to wear. Just go with anything that you find interesting and can sit while wearing it.

What is a college ABC party?

Colleges have two types of ABC parties. One is Anything but clothes party and the other one is Anything but cups party. Both are commonly called ABC parties.

What is an ABC outfit?

Everything that is not a proper dress.

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