Author: Ruth Haines

34th Birthday Party Ideas

For some people, the thirtieth birthday is a milestone. It’s the age when you’re “officially” considered an adult. Turning thirty-four isn’t quite as momentous, but it’s still a significant age. And, just like any other birthday, it deserves to be celebrated in style. Here are some 34th birthday party ideas to make your day special.

Have a low-key gathering with close friends and family. Celebrate over a nice dinner or drinks at your favorite restaurant or bar.

Plan a fun-filled day of activities with your closest pals. Go hiking or biking in the morning, then hit up a theme park or go for a swim in the afternoon. Finish the day with dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant or bar. Throw a big bash and invite all your friends, family, and acquaintances.

If you want a particular theme for your birthday party then checkout anything but cup party ideas and Hennessey themed party ideas.

Party Ideas for 34th Birthday

Here is a list of ideas with which we have helped so many people around us. Just follow it and your friends and family won’t forget it for a long time.

Party Invitations

As soon as you know the time, and location of your 34th birthday party, it’s time to start sending out invitations. You can go the traditional route and mail paper invitations, or you can save time and money by sending digital invitations via email or a social media site like Facebook. If you’re having a small, intimate gathering with close friends and family, you can get away with sending invitations last-minute. But if you’re inviting a large group of people or hosting a public event, it’s best to give guests at least a month’s notice so they can clear their schedules.

Party Decorations

Once you’ve got your invitations sorted, it’s time to start thinking about party decorations. Being unsure where to start, take inspiration from your birthday party theme (if you have one). For example, if you’re throwing a beach-themed bash, hang streamers and balloons in blue and green hues, and garnish the tables with seashells. If you’re going for a more low-key celebration, simple decorations like candles, flowers, and string lights should suffice. And if you don’t want to deal with decorating at all, consider holding your party at a venue that’s already decked out for special occasions. Check out these Burlesque Party ideas if you want to have fun while dancing.

Table Decorations

34th birthday decoration ideas

No matter what kind of birthday party you’re throwing, table decorations are always a good idea. They help set the tone and add a special touch to the festivities. A few classic table decoration ideas for a birthday party include Balloons, streamers, and confetti. They are a great way to add color and excitement to your party. And the best part is that they come in different colors and can be used to create a variety of different looks. Centerpieces are also a great way to add some decoration to your party table. Try using vases filled with flowers, candles, or even fruit.

Food and Drink

A good menu goes a long way in making an everlasting impression on your guests. If you’re having a small gathering, you can get away with ordering pizza or preparing some simple appetizers. But if you’re expecting a large crowd, it’s best to hire a caterer or book a restaurant reservation. As for drinks, make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic options like soda, juice, and water on hand. And if you’re serving alcohol, be sure to have plenty of mixers and garnishes, as well as a designated driver or a cab service for the guests who have gotten drunk too much.

Party Games for a 34th Birthday

Party games and activities help in keeping the guests engaged and interested in the party. Also, they bring out a lot of fun. They help break the ice and get everyone involved in the festivities. Some amazing and classic game ideas include:

  • Charades: This classic game is always a hit, no matter what the occasion. You can make up your charade as well.
  • Pictionary: Another classic game that’s perfect for a birthday party. The best thing is the freedom to choose from any shape or picture and be creative.
  • Name That Tunes: This is a great game for music lovers. Simply play a clip of a song and have the guests try to guess the title and artist. Try taking inspiration from famous singers or apps like Spotify and YouTube.
  • Trivia: Test your guests’ knowledge with a trivia game about topics like pop culture, history, or sports. The scope of this game is limitless as the topic can be anything.
  • What’s in the Bag?: This is a great icebreaker game for large groups. Put random objects in paper bags and have the guests try to guess what’s inside. For extra fun, make it a competition with prizes for the winners.
  • Scavenger hunt: This game is usually very famous in large groups and kids alike. Hide items around the party area and give the guests a list of things to find. The first person or team to find all the items wins a prize.
  • Minute to Win It: A game for all sizes of groups, it is fun, engaging, and adrenaline-inducing. The goal is to complete simple tasks within a minute.

Music Ideas

34th birthday party ideas for him have to be fun filled as you are not too old to avoid fun (pun intended). It falls right in the middle of your 30s, and it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family. You may want to have a more low-key celebration than you did for your 30th birthday, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Here are some ideas for music to play at your 34th birthday party. Start with some upbeat, happy songs that will get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Think Pharrell’s “Happy” or Katy Perry’s “Birthday.”

If you want to get everyone dancing, play some classic party songs like Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” or Madonna’s “Vogue.” For a more modern party vibe, try songs like Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” or Rihanna’s “Work.” If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, play some slower, mellower songs like John Legend’s “All of Me” or Adele’s “Someone Like You.” And finally, no birthday party is complete without a few classic birthday songs. Try “Happy Birthday” by Stevie Wonder or “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang. Whatever music you choose, make sure it reflects your taste and style. After all, it’s your birthday party!

Backdrop Ideas

A good backdrop can help build the vibe and add an extra layer of beauty to your decorations. For the perfect backdrop, a string of lights or a disco ball is a great way to add some sparkle to your party space. If you want to go for a more elegant look, try hanging a sign or a large piece of art as a backdrop. While planning a backyard bash, hang lanterns or streamers from trees or patio umbrellas. For a fun and festive look, try hanging colorful balloons around the party space.

34th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Having a great time at your 34th birthday party is all about making sure that you have plenty of fun and that everyone enjoys themselves. Of course, taking photos is one of the best ways to capture those memories! Here are some photography tips and tricks to make your 34th birthday party a success. Think about all of the fun things that you want to do at your party and make sure to get photos of them! This could include things like blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, opening presents, or even just goofing around with your friends. Having a list of photo ops will help you make sure that you don’t miss a single moment.

Make sure to get photos of all of your guests! This is one birthday party that they’ll want to remember. And, if you can get some candid shots, even better. Props can add a lot of fun to your photos! consider using things like party hats, banners, or even streamers. Just make sure that you use them sparingly so that they don’t take away from the focus of the photo (i.e., your beautiful face!). Try to take most of your photos outdoors or near a large window. The natural light will help to make everyone look their best!

Get everyone in on the action and consider using a selfie stick. This way, you can get everyone’s smiling faces in the photo without having to ask someone else to take the picture. If you want to go all out, consider setting up a photo booth at your party. This is a great way to get everyone interacting and it’s sure to produce some fun and memorable photos. If you want to capture some amazing photos, consider hiring a professional photographer. They’ll know all the best tips and tricks to get some truly stunning shots.

34th Birthday Party Ideas (Favors)

At the end of the party, don’t forget some good party favors to end the day on a good note. Send your guests home with a personalized photo frame that they can use to display their favorite memories from your party. Also, you can have customized mugs printed with photos from the party or even just a simple message like “Thanks for celebrating my 34th birthday with me!”

Party ideas for 34th birthday

Give out some of your favorite photos from the party. Your guests will be sure to appreciate the gesture and it’s a great way to keep the memories alive. If you’re feeling generous, send your guests home with mini albums filled with photos from the party. They’ll be able to relive the fun anytime they want. For those guests who prefer digital photos, send them home with a USB drive or CD filled with all of your favorite shots from the party. They’ll be able to print them out or keep them safe on their computer.

Party Wrap-Up

Summing 34th birthday party ideas up, having a 34th birthday party is all about having fun and making sure that everyone enjoys themselves. If you want a theme for your party then checkout these Cross Dress party ideas and Rave themed party ideas as well.

And, of course, taking plenty of photos! Use these tips to get some amazing shots that you’ll be able to look back on and cherish for years to come. Thanks for reading!


Q1: How do you celebrate 34th Birthday?

Ans: 34th Birthday is not as big of a milestone as your 30th birthday but it demands to be respected and celebrate in style. Invite friends and family over. Play classic or Pop music with everyone dancing. Treat your guests with some exquisite wine and play drinking or card games.

Q2: How do adults celebrate birthdays at home?

Ans: Being adult is a bit tricky because you want to have fun but everyone seems to associate fun with teenagers or with people in their twenties. Well as an adult you can have a fun filled birthday at home by inviting friends and family, playing games while sipping the costly wine that teenagers can not even afford. That is your revenge.

Q3: How do you host an adult birthday party?

Ans: To host an adult birthday party, you need to know likes and dislikes of the guest of honor and ever more so about the guests. Try to decorate party venue with an amazing backdrop and some comfortable sitting arrangements. Server food that has meat and some top quality wine. Ask your guests to join you while dancing and think of some game ideas that everyone will like.