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Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas 2022

Looking for some fun cocomelon birthday party ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss everything from cocomelon birthday party ideas for girls and boys, covering invitations, foods, decoration and costume ideas that your little one would fall in love with. So whether you’re planning a party for a little girl or a little boy, we have you covered! Let’s get started! Or if you are just exploring ideas here are Luca theme ideas and Raya and the Last dragon party ideas that would suit kids of any age though.

What is a Cocomelon Party?

A cocomelon party is a great birthday party idea for kids! It is based on the popular YouTube channel Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes, which features fun and educational songs for children. The channel has over 21 million subscribers and counting!

Your little one will love having a Cocomelon-themed birthday party, and you will love how easy it is to put together. All you need are some basic supplies and a little bit of creativity.

Cocmelon Party Invitation Ideas

The first step in throwing a cocomelon party is to send out invitations! You can find free printable invitations online, or you can make your own. If you want to get really creative, you can even make your own Cocomelon character invitations!

All you need for this is some cardstock, scissors, and glue. Simply print out some Cocomelon character images from the internet, cut them out, and glue them onto the cardstock. Write all the party details on the back, and you’re all set!

Cocomelon birthday party ideas

Cocomelon Birthday Party Supplies

Now that you’ve got your invitations sorted, it’s time to start thinking about party supplies! The great thing about a Cocomelon party is that you can find all the supplies you need online.

From plates and cups to balloons and banners, there are tons of great cocomelon party supplies available. You can even find personalized party favors to make your child’s birthday even more special.

Cocmelon Birthday Party Food Ideas

Now that you’ve got your invitations taken care of, it’s time to start thinking about food. For a Cocomelon party, you’ll want to serve food that is fun and colorful.

One great idea is to make Cocomelon character cupcakes! Simply bake some cupcakes and frost them with blue or green icing. Then, use black icing to pipe on the eyes and mouth. You can find free printable Cocomelon toppers online, or you can make your own.

Another great idea is to make a Cocomelon fruit platter. Simply cut up some fruits and arrange them into the shape of a Cocomelon character. You can use blueberries, grapes, bananas, and more!

Cocmelon Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Cocomelon theme decoration ideas

This is where you have all the liberty to go wild. This is your chance to not only surprise your child but also his/her friends and even their parents that came along or just dropped them. Besides all the nuances, one thing is crystal clear that for a Cocomelon party, you’ll want to decorate with bright and colorful items.

One great idea is to use Cocomelon character cutouts as decorations. Tape these characters to the walls or ceiling, and you’re all set!

Another great idea is to make a giant Cocomelon character out of balloons. For that, you have to blow up some balloons and use them to create the shape of a Cocomelon character. You can even add a few details with markers or stickers.

Now, the decorations really depend on the venue, whether you are hosting it outdoor or indoor. The main difference between both venues would be the lights and the size of the Cocomelon characters that you want to set up. Some parents have even gone for the Cocomelon pool party, but that is ideal if your child is at least above 3 year of age, otherwise it would be just you enjoying the pool.

The ironic thing is that soon your child would move on to other cartoons. Yes, that is the thing with toddlers that they change their favorite cartoons in a matter of few days. So if your child is hooked up to Cocomelon then do not wait for the next year and just go with this theme.

It is time to get into the details of a perfectly decorated Cocomelon Party now.

Cocmelon Party Color Theme

The color scheme for a Cocomelon party is pretty simple: blue, green,red and yellow. You can use these colors for everything from the invitations to the decorations.

Cocomelon Party Balloons

Cocomelon birthday party ideas are never good without discussing balloons. Balloons are a must-have for any birthday party, and a Cocomelon party is no exception. Though decorations for this party are mostly a DIY task but you have to get some help from the outside, like balloons. You can also use regular blue, green, red and yellow balloons to create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Cocomelon Party Banners

Banners are a great way to add some extra Cocomelon flair to your party. We would suggest you get them from any online store as those look a lot nicer than ones made at home. Simply hang them up around the party area for some extra fun.

Cocomelon Party Plates and Cups

Of course, you’ll need plates and cups for your Cocomelon party. They usually come in packs of eight, so be sure to get enough for all your guests. And always have at least 50% extra plates than the number of kids you have invited.

Cocmelon Birthday Theme Backdrop

One of the most important things for a Cocomelon party is to have a great backdrop! You can find plenty of great Cocomelon backdrops online, or you can make your own.

All you need for this is some blue or green fabric, some scissors, and some tape. Simply cut the fabric into the shape of a Cocomelon character, and then tape it to the wall.

You can also use balloons to create a Cocomelon backdrop. Again, you can add some details with markers or stickers.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a backdrop because this is the first thing that catches the eyes of everyone. And secondly, most of the party pictures will be in front or around this backdrop as well. This is the time to loose your purse strings a little and get the backdrop that you find perfect.

Cocomelon birthday party ideas (Party Lights)

You would need party lights if you are having this party indoors or even outdoors at night time. These lights really set the mood for a fun and festive party. Though going with simple bright lights would suffice but we would ask you to consider your color theme before having any lights set up.

Secondly, do not go crazy with lights, but just make sure that backdrop is well lit up.

Cocomelon Birthday Cake Ideas

Cocomelon birthday cake ideas

For the cake, you can go with a simple blue or green frosting. You can also get creative and make a Cocomelon character out of fondant. If you’re not sure how to do this, there are plenty of tutorials online.

Another option is to get a simple sheet cake and then decorate it with Cocomelon characters. This is a great option if you’re not confident in your cake-decorating skills.

We would beg you to please keep the guess work out of it when making or ordering a cake. Meaning, children should immediately be able to recognize the character or characters that the cake resembles.

Just remember that after the backdrop, cake will be in most of the photos of that day. So this is where you need to put some extra focus and efforts.

The cake cutting ceremony will be the most awaited and main event of the day so just make sure that it gets its due share of attention and make sure that it is witnessed by everyone. Here is a tip for you; check under the tables before cutting the cake because someone might still be hiding there considering they are still playing hide and seek. Still confused? here are some tips to make a delicious cake.

Cocomelon Costume Ideas

Though costume is optional here but if you want to go full scale then yes a cocomelon costume will be something to remember for years. And just imagine how cute would your child look in that costume.

There are two ways to approach when it comes to costumes. One way is to just dress your child in a cocomelon costume for the party, which is the ideal one if you do not want to create any fuss around. The second way would be to ask all the attendees to be in the cocomelon costumes as well. The only problem with the second approach would be that some parents would not agree with this and will send their child in plain dress, disregarding the theme costume.

Cocomelon Costume for Boys

The good thing about cartoons is that almost all of the character have one dedicated costume that the wear all the time, every day of the year. Hilarious though. But it is a good thing when you are selecting the costumes for your child. Now your little boy can be JJ, Tom Tom or even Nico. Here is how they look and you can find this costume online as well.

Now if you are African American and want to be more authentic then you can dress your child as Cody.

Cocomelon costume for boys

Cocomelon Costume for Girls

Luckily, there are as many girl characters in this cartoon show as boys. You can dress your child as YoYo, Nina, Cece and Bella. Here are how these costumes would look.

Cocomelon outfit for girls
Cocomelon costume for girls
Cocomelon costume ideas for girls

Cocomelon Party Games

Young children hate sitting around and it would be a daunting task to make them sit and wait for the cake cutting. Besides, without games and activities every child will get bored within first hour. So you need to have some games and activities planned beforehand. Here are some ideas to keep children entertained.

  • Musical Chairs (All of us know what this is)
  • Cocomelon Limbo (Make two 4-5 feet towers with a string between them and let children pass underneath it bending backwards.)
  • Cocomelon Balloon Boat Race (You have to watch this to understand)
  • Pass the Balloon

Cocomelon Birthday Party Ideas (Music)

Cocomelon songs are not just for the children but also enjoyed by adults. They are very catchy and have a great message behind every song.

You can play these songs on low volume in the background while the kids are playing or you can even put them on pause and make announcements in between. Just make sure that whatever music you are playing, it is according to the taste of children and parents both.

You can find many cocomelon songs on youtube or other streaming services. Just create a playlist and you are good to go.

Cocomelon Birthday Party Favors

Now what’s a party without some favors? You have to send your guests home with something to remember the party by.

The good thing is that cocomelon themed party favors are not hard to find and you have many options to choose from. Here are some ideas for you.

-Cocomelon stickers

-Tattoos of cocomelon characters

-Cocomelon coloring sheets

-Cocomelon notepads

-Cocomelon rubber bracelets

You can find all of these things online or in the party stores. Just make sure that you order them well in advance so that you do not have to face any last minute rush.

Wrap Up

A cocomelon themed birthday party is a great idea for your child’s birthday. It is not only unique but also very affordable. Just make sure that you have everything planned well in advance so that you do not have to face any last minute rush.

Do you have any of your own cocomelon birthday party ideas? Or if you have come across some super fun cocomelon birthday party ideas? Do let us know. Till then.

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