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Among Us Birthday Party Ideas 2022

“Among Us” has emerged as one of the contemporary age’s most popular and exciting games. Children not only enjoy playing with their favorite superhero toys, but they have also shown great passion and fondness for this game. Incorporated with Incredible features like cross-platform play and simple game play mechanics, Among Us has become immensely popular among game lovers throughout the world. Keep reading to get some interesting among us birthday party ideas.

 Like every other popular game, this fantastic game is nothing short of brilliant. You will be amazed to know that with the growing popularity of this game, the Among Us themed birthday parties are also becoming a remarkable trend. It won’t be wrong to say that the success of this game has played a critical role in making Among Us theme parties a big success. Its enormous influence on the Meme culture has increased the liking for this game manifold. If you are just exploring ideas for the kid’s birthday then check out these Cowgirl themed birthday and Euphoria Themed Party Ideas as well.

 So, if you’re willing to throw an Among Us-themed birthday party anytime soon, you are at the right place, and we have got you covered. This article will give you several ideas and instructions that would significantly contribute to making your party a well-organized and highly successful event. Please believe me!

Read on for some great ideas on your Among Us Birthday party ideas theme 

Among Us Party Invitation Ideas

For invitation, we recommend that you don’t stick to conventional party ideas and do something that exceeds everyone’s expectations. Keep in mind that invitation will be the first thing that would become noticeable to the guests. Try your level best to make it as unique, lively, and colorful as possible.

What good is an invitation card if it does not match the overall theme you have decided on for your party? Search through the internet, and you will find many invitation cards. Choose the one that you find exceedingly fascinating in the very first look. You can either email the invitation cards, or they can be handed over to your friends in person; the choice is all yours. Here are some interesting Among Us Birthday Invitations.

Among US Birthday Party supplies

Among US Birthday Party Supplies

Though it is certain that you will be devoted to make this party a success and fun for the kids, you still need to check everything twice. Here is a list of Among US Party Supplies which will surely come handy when there is time to make sure that everything is perfect.

Among Us Party Decoration Ideas

The decoration requires extreme attention as it will beautify the whole venue. Spend some time contemplating different ideas about making your party venue the most splendidly decorated place in the town. Let your imagination go wild and think of all the good ideas that would enable you to transform your venue into something grand and enormous.

Among Us Birthday Party decorations

Using balloons for embellishing a party venue would never go out of style. Some things are meant to last forever, and I won’t be exaggerating if I say that bouncy and colorful Among Us Balloons have become an integral part of the décor. You can’t do without balloons, can you!

 So make sure that while you throw the iconic Among us themed parties, utilize balloons in large numbers. Whether you let them stay on the floor, place them on the wall, or let them touch the ceiling, they would look stunning in the true sense of the term.

Kids would never want to miss out on a party like this. No matter how busy they are, they would squeeze out some time to attend the fantastic event they have long waited for.

To get an idea about what your venue would look like on that grand day, strongly visualize the place as it is decorated with assorted types of ribbons, balloons, and colorful fabric that go nicely along with the theme. Browse the internet or flip through the magazines, do your best to decorate the venue like a newlywed bride! In that way, no one would be able to take their eyes off the beautiful and majestic decoration.

Ambiance will play a significant role in making your party a big hit. LED and neon lights can serve best for the required purpose. You can let the strips of the lights go along the corners of the wall and then see the magic. Everyone with good taste would not miss out on the opportunity of complimenting on your décor. Put some effort and leave everyone spellbound!

Tips for Decoration

One of the best things about Among Us themed party is that you don’t have to bother worrying too much about buying expensive items for decoration. If you have good taste coupled with a good eye for decoration, you can decorate the food items to add to the overall decorum of the venue and make it look nothing short of majestic!

For instance, you can take colorful lollypops and place them on the table and other decoration items. They would give children, who would be in the majority at the party, a reason to rejoice and celebrate! The impact of the party must be invigorating!

Among Us Birthday Party Cake Ideas

Among Us Birthday Cake

Planning a party and not mentioning anything about the cake? That’s a near-impossible scenario. How can we forget about cake, the most important aspect of any birthday celebration?

When it comes to choosing a cake, think about something that complements the chosen theme properly. Below are a few cake ideas that would complement your party décor while also adding a magical touch.

Similarly, you can buy bespoke Among us themed candles to be placed on the cake while staying true to the chosen theme. It would be just stunning. I hope this scenic description gave you a good notion and helped you image the cake with the candles blowing on it.

Among US Birthday Party Ideas (Food)

When it comes to edibles, decide on Pizza, Burgers, Nuggets, drum sticks, and sandwiches. Children love to consume these fast food items and that too, to their heart’s content! So make sure that you have arranged plentiful of all these food items. We would suggest you put some extra edibles and bakery items so that the guests arriving at the nick of the time can have something to eat of their liking! Food is something kids would never like to miss out on, and that would be one of the most anticipated events of the party!

Among Us Party Dress and Costume Recommendations

Recommend and encourage the kids to find through their wardrobes and make the best outfit for them. To speak honestly, kids look gorgeous in any attire they wear. This is mainly due to the innocent and cuteness written all over their faces. If it’s winter, the ideal dress for the kids to wear will be colorful and funky sweaters. The best thing with kids dressing is that they can even say yes to loud colors, which don’t go so well with the adults. Here are some Among Us Costumes if your child is willing to try them on. Or simply just go with some Among Us t-shirts.

Among Us Party Costumes

Among Us Birthday Party Ideas (Music)

List of among us birthday party ideas is not complete without music ideas. Kids love listening to music. They love to dance. Make them dance like there is no one watching them. Let them dance and make them sing at the top of their lungs. Make them dance to the beat of the music. We were hoping you could make them forget all their worries and maximize their experience. Please arrange your party in a manner that compels everyone to say that yes, they had the time of their lives, without a doubt.

One direction, Coldplay, Sia, Selena Gomez, BTS would be amongst the best possible available options. In case you don’t know about BTS, please provide me with the opportunity to introduce these incredible guys to you…

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, is a famous pop band of South-Korean origin. Known for its focus on subjects like elitism and mental health, BTS makes the best possible efforts to bring these issues to light. The best thing is that they use their music to elicit feelings of realization and seriousness towards addressing the problems of the youth. There will be a choice no better than that!

Photography Ideas

As the game is related to space, having a space-themed backdrop for the photography section would be a perfect fit! Keeping this in mind that the children would love to take photographs, you need to prepare a background that shows the solar system, including all the planets. Similarly, planet Mars, also known as the red planet, can appear more extensive and prominent by painting it bright red. Such a display of worlds would be a source of great fascination and excitement for the kids.

Games and Activities

You may have come across some good among us birthday party ideas but without providing kids some games, nothing would make them happy. There are numerous fun activities and exciting games that can be organized to make your event a memorable one. So, if you plan to throw an Among Us birthday party shortly, we have got remarkable ideas that will leave the kids overjoyed and spend some quality time at your place.

Below are some games and activities that would be a superb fit for the grand party. Let us discuss each of them briefly.

  • Sorting Items by color would be a great activity that would enable the kids to amuse themselves and allow them to engage in something productive. It would serve as a perfect example of having fun while learning.
  • Kids are technical geniuses when it comes to building something amid playing. It would be great to build a prototype and ask the kids to imitate it using blocks, tinker toys, and legos. It would keep the children so indulged and engaged that they would lose track of time and make the best use of time. It is a safe bet!
  • You can also tell the kids to connect the matching parts of a particular toy by using colorful strings, glow sticks, or Easter eggs. That would be an exception that children would love to play with.
  • Include activities like asking the kids to spell their names or simple and common phrases like “Birthday Party” using letter tiles.
  • You can also play the Dice game. You can ask the kids to roll the dice and bring a certain number like the birthday kid’s age. That would be so much fun.
  • Another fantastic activity would be to sort the playing cards numerically and ask the children to arrange them in a specific manner.
  • Grab a ride and ask the children to deliver something via scooter, bicycle, or bike, staying within the premises of the play space. Children will love to take a ride on their own! They would find this particular experience both adventurous and enthralling!


Once the party is over, you will have various decoration leftovers that can be utilized afterward. Likewise, the attire you purchased specially for this particular event can be worn at similar other events. Do your very best and leave no stone unturned in uniquely organizing the event. Let us know if you have some super fun among us birthday party ideas.

Let us party!